Bubbalu Day Care Centre
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What does the daily programme look like?
In short breakfast, brushing teeth, Bible, free play inside or outside (weather permitting), puzzles, creative time, stories, snack time, play time, lunch time, rest time, snack time, free play inside/outside. Each class has schedule for outside play.
Transport from and to Bubbalu?
We do not have our own transport service to and from Bubbalu.
Who will stand in for a teacher if she falls ill ?
We have more than enough teachers and the owner/principal will help out too.
How many children do we cater for?
We are registered with our local municipality and social services approved for 190 children currently.
Does the staff have first aid training?
Some of our staff completed a first aid course
What would the caregiver do if a one year old drew on the wall?
Time out for all ages. If serious behaviour problems arise the teacher in charge will discuss a solution to the problem with the parents.
Are the other children vaccinated against diseases such as polio and smallpox?
It is the responsibility of the parents.
Will the parents have to pay extra if they are late in fetching their children?
Yes we do charge a penalty fee if parents collect their children late.
How safe is the outdoor playing area and what sort of ongoing supervision is there when children are playing outside?
There are always teachers on duty when outside play takes place.
What happens when it rains?
Our classrooms are big enough and specially designed for indoor play.
What is the procedure is someone else needs to drop off or collect the child?
The parents need to notify the teacher or owner/principal in writing or per telephone or child will not be allowed to leave.  ALL CHILDREN MUST BE SIGNED OUT EVERYDAY.
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